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Data acquisition and telemetry buoy system The MacArtney LOTUS buoy system consists of a spherical buoy corpus made from durable GRP, a turbidity sensor with antifouling wiper, a rechargeable battery pack and a data logger with integrated telemetry modem. To fulfill safety regulations the buoy is equipped with a white flashing LED which is switched on automatically under low light conditions. The buoy is equipped with an “AQUAlogger 210 TYT” turbidity sensor provided with 4 measuring ranges selected automatically. To avoid biological growth on the optical window, the instrument is equipped with an antifouling wiper. The sensor is protected by a cage firmly attached to the buoyant body. The buoy and the data acquisition system has an open architecture that allows for integration of other types of sensors like CTDs, fluorometers, etc. A typical setup for the buoy is a 30 minute measuring frequency with a burst of 20 values calculated to a mean value, which is collected by the telemetry modem and transmitted to the land station. With these adjustments the system is capable of 14 days of autonomous operation before the batteries have to be recharged or replaced. Typically, the syste...read more

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